Items to Remember When Camping with Kids

Camping with kids can be a lot of fun. Mine have always loved it and even as often as we go, when they see the camper being backed-up in the drive way to pack, they jump with excitement. (Just don't ask me how my teenage daughters feel when they see the camper.) 

Here are a some items that I just love to bring so that the kids have the best time:

Glow sticks
These are so fun when the sun goes down. Mine love to play tag and run around. You can get them in a container of about 10 for a dollar at Micheals or Target.

Bikes, scooters, skateboards or ripstiks 
We love to go on bike rides on beautiful days and bringing these keep even my teenagers entertained.

There is always a place on the campground to use chalk and something I always try to have on hand.


Books, colors, cards, puzzles, rain ponchos, kid size umbrellas and coloring books
I have a camper so this makes it easy, but I still did bring a few of these in my boredom bag when tent camped in case it rained. And it has rained many a camping trip. These were life savors. 

Kids go nuts with their own mini flashlights. Sitting around the fire with kids having fun on the campgrounds is just fun.

Campfire story book
We have a kid-friendly scary one that is so fun to read around the campfire at night. My older ones like to read for us and it creates fun memories. I found mine when camping in Colorado at a fun little, old-timer book store, but have found some on Amazon, too.

Fishing poles
Don't forget these. My kids have such an amazing time fishing with their Dad, cleaning their new catch and then we cook it by night. FUN! Don't forget them.

These, my friends, are my tips from years of camping and through trial and error, that my kids have loved having along. 

Happy Camping~

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