Meal Planning Made Easy

Are you in a meal planning rut? Eating out too much, or always scrambling last minute to find something to put on the table?

Good news, friends!

This tip will get you back in the game. 

First. I want to tell you that it doesn't have to be complicated. 

You don't have to  invest in menu plans already made for you, you don't have to slave in the kitchen to freeze meals enough for thirty days in order to be a Mom on top of her meal game. 

Don't sell yourself short.

You've got this!

Cooking for your family will be an enjoyable experience with these tips:

Embrace cooking for your family
With these tips, embracing meal planning will be a breeze. You will love cooking for your family and you'll see menu planning in a whole new light.

Script your meals for the week
Every Sunday evening, I grab a cup of coffee, my Planner Perfect Planner, my favorite pen and a stack of my favorite foodie magazines and cookbooks and I plan my menu for the week. Get yourself in the mood for your menu planning. By brewing your favorite coffee, thumbing through your favorite food mags and taking the time, you are taking care of yourself and setting yourself up for a good experience. 

Do this with every aspect of your life. 

It sets apart the woman who lives on purpose and the woman who just does things in life to get them over with. 

Don't be the latter woman.

Pick a grocery day in your week that works best for you
No more grocery shopping on the fly.

On a Tuesday night. In your jammies. 

Don't be that woman.


My grocery day I love most is on Mondays. So I spend time in my planner on Sunday evening planning out my week of meals. I include ingredients I'll need for my baking day, too. **see below** 

Script out your grocery day list by the layout of your store, or in sections. I have mine broke into sections: Produce, Meat, Dairy, Ethnic, Other and Non-grocery. You can break yours up anyway you like. This works very well for me.

Creating a menu plan and using a list in the store, keeps my budget in check, I am planned with my menus for the week, and if you follow these'll be one organized Mama! 

In my Planner, I also write down what the menu plan is for each day of the week in my Daily Pages. I also script in my Planner, on my baking day, what my plan is for that day's baking. My grocery list can be thrown away after I shop. I've got it covered in my Planner.

Create a Baking Day once a week
This saves you money. I bake my breads, any muffins, cakes for parties get baked on this day, cookies or treats made and frozen if needed in the week...all this not only saves me money because I'm not buying it, we're eating healthier because I'm controlling the ingredients, and I'm virtually looking and feeling like a super star with being so dang organized!

With these meal planning tips you will rock your dinners and everything in-between! 

Check out my Baking Day recipes and have fun looking for fun menu ideas on PPM. 

For more information on menu planning and the Planner Perfect Method to become Masters at Managing Your Home...check out Planner Perfect's eBook, A Fresh Idea On Organizing Your Life. 

It will change your life!