The Ultimate Planning System

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How to Author Your Life

You know I what believe is very important for women?

To become life planners; to be the authors of our own lives. 

So many women are living only by tasks alone and this is a travesty. 

When we live by our tasks, and our tasks alone, we are not being all God called us to be.  

We are just followers.

Task followers.

We need to incorporate our tasks in life into our goals; not have them be our sole North Star.

We are doing ourselves a disservice when we are just followers of our tasks.

We could be the most organized women in the world, but if we are just masters at organizing our tasks, we are falling short of what we can become. 

We need to script a plan for our lives that we dream to live; each day. We need to have personal goals, aside from getting the laundry done. 

We need to set goals for not only ourselves, but our family; our life as a whole. 

This is the only way to be organized in the purest form. 

To be the author of our own lives seems to be a rarity. Something that isn't even heard of. 

Author our own lives?


There are too many things to do, too many places to drive our kids around to, too many chores to be done.

Well guess what?

You can author your own life and you must if you want to be a woman that is living on purpose, living authentically, and living at full potential. 

This is something every woman should strive for; to live at full potential.

The Planner Perfect Planner is the ultimate life planner; it is not a task manager.

It is a life planning system.

It is set-up for women to use with ease and it's thinking differently about how we live and plan our lives. 

It's authoring a life we desire to live. When you are Planner Perfect you are planning to live by your own goals and to execute them, to be organized, to be authentic, to decide to live above mediocrity. 

It's living to be extraordinary!

This doesn't happen by chance; it only happens with intent.

When you author your own life, you stand out. 

You are a life planner. 

You are Planner Perfect.

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Decide today to become all you can be; decide to be extraordinary!

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