How to Plan Your Family's Fall Wardrobe

It's Time...

Fall is quickly approaching. I don't think I'm alone when I say I absolutely love this month. The pumpkin patch, hoodies, football games, hot apple cider to name a few, but are we organized with our family's wardrobe? Do they have what they need to get through until spring?

Don't shop on the fly. It's more stressful, you end up spending more money, and you aren't organized. Here are some tips to keep your family dressed well, in clothes that fit, before the fun, cool weather hits.

In my Planner Perfect planner, I have it set-up to harness goals for each and every month. For your fall wardrobe inventory, you'll harness these clothing needs for your family in your September goal pages. This keeps our closets cleaned out of old clothes that don’t fit or are worn, and gets clothes handed down to younger siblings or given to charity. 

To start, I pull some loose-leaf paper from my goal section in my September goal pages and get my clipboard. Each child's name is scripted with room underneath to organize what they'll need for fall; include holidays too. 

This will take a good portion of your day, so make sure you plan for this as well.

Now I’m ready to go through each child’s closet and drawers. Get your children in there to help. Let them tell you what they need for the fall and winter months, and have them clear their drawers of summer clothes for you to keep in a box until the warm weather comes around again. This makes it easier for you to take a look at what they have and put into the piles: fits, handed down, and charity. Take inventory of their needs by having them try clothes and get it written down on their page. Don’t forget their shoes, socks, jackets and undergarments. 

Once finished with each child, head onto your own closet. Get rid of clothes that you never wear, and write down what you need to look and feel your best for the cooler weather. Go over your purses, shoes and undergarments and purge what has seen better days. This should be considered as just as important as your children's needs. And with this plan, you can!

Put these hardworking pages of gold, in your September, monthly goal pages of your planner. What is so great about this method of wardrobe planning is that it harnesses your wardrobe inventory and enables you to get them as budget allows. I love waiting for our favorite store’s fall sales, and grabbing great deals on what they need and as budget allows. Check off pieces you've purchased on your inventory sheet as you go and you’ve got yourself Planner Perfect Wardrobes! 

You save money when you're planned, you are more organized when your planned, and everyone looks and feels great. 

It’s simply…Planner Perfect!

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