When Your Plans Fail

When our plans fail, we can get deflated; feel defeated or frustrated. 

One of the wonderful perks of the Planner Perfect Method and Planner, is that when you create your goals for the month, and when you script out your days, you are the one who is in control; not your tasks. You'll feel the difference. No longer are you beholden to the never-ending laundry or endless errands. You are living a life you want to live, being the best wife, mother and woman you want to be, and then scripting what that looks like for you on your planning pages.

Now that's living fully alive!

This is your story; your life. You don't want a life where you follow tasks all day, everyday. Life is so much more! 

When life throws a wrench in the day of a task slave, you will feel defeated and feel like you can't ever quite make it. You'll struggle with perfectionism and forget all about God's wonderful grace.

Planner Perfect is all about planning your months and your days and then giving those plans to God. He is the one who guides you and loves you; who wants your plans of living fully alive to succeed! All is good when we live with a plan and then giving it all to Him. 

It's what will set you apart...

When you live according to your dreams and your goals, it puts meaning back into your motherhood; it gets you out of mediocrity, your tasks won't be in control, and your whole life will reflect this lifestyle. When your plans don't go according to plan...change them! You won't feel defeated. You'll feel this as an opportunity to grow, to change, to be flexible. God's got this! 

Living as a life planner will change your life...so what are you waiting for?

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