Why You Should Write Your Own Story

I learned to life plan by watching my Mother...

My mom is a life planner and always has been. 

I remember her writing her favorite scripture at the top of her planning pages and dreaming about her goals and our family's goals. Every day she would sit in her favorite chair, and write and write and write. She was a visionary for her life and an extraordinary woman who took her motherhood seriously and made a choice to be the best she could be, and all she could be as a woman and a mother. 

This life goal could not be left to chance and she made a point to plan a life of joy and purpose.

We should all be looking at our life this way. As a story. 

You can write your own story! Create a life that you desire to have. Find out what your passions are, your loves, what you can offer this world and with God as your God, you will succeed! 

You were made to be great! You were born to be amazing! Don't wait another minute to script your life and to live a life God wants you to live. Nothing is too big for God. So dream big. Plan. And give it everything you got!

Happy dreaming!

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