How to Create the Life You Want

I am excited to start this series with you!

Who doesn't want to create the life they've always wanted? So many of us Moms, don't even think that this could even be possible. Not that being a Mother, and the best Mother we can be, is not a calling in and of itself, because it most certainly is. I am a Mama of seven and love it! 

me with my youngest of seven, Brock

But one thing I know we all need to understand is that we are more than just mothers. We are women with strengths and talents and we can use these right alongside our Motherhood. 

So how do we create the life we want?

I am going to tell you a little secret. It's not by being a master at managing our tasks. 

You create the life you want by writing your own story. 

Dream up how you want your life to look, feel, become. Dream about who you want to be, how, and why. Dream about how you can take managing your home to a whole new level, be the wife and friend God has called you to be, and how you want to raise your children. Writing your own story create a woman being fully alive, living in the present, invigorated by her own plans, knows what she wants, is organized, and living on purpose and her dreams. 

There is one thing that I've learned that all women need to know: 

You cannot 


be all you can be without being a life planner. 

To be a woman who is a vessel for God and continually changing and stretching; you need to be a goal setter, a dreamer, a giver, a planner! And you need the right tool to harness it all...

Task manager planners do nothing except harness your tasks. You will never become all God created you to be only following your tasks. 

You can be a master at following your tasks. You can even be the most organized woman in the world. But unless you are actually creating goals for yourself on a monthly basis, living a life on purpose by continually seeking God on how you can be more and do are not becoming all you can be.

 You are not using all of you.

Being a task slave will get you no where close to the life God has in store for you!

I'm going to show you the inside of the Planner Perfect planner during this series and show you why it's the only planner on the market to harness a goal-setter and a dreamer. But not only that, but show you a tried-and-true Method. 

The Planner Perfect Method. Applying this method is the secret to becoming organized and creating the life you've always wanted.

The Planner Perfect planner has a unique capability to harness, not only a woman's day-to-day, responsibilities, but harness a woman's uniques gifts, talents and dreams. It not only harnesses them, but sets a woman up to be able to execute these dreams and plans. 

 If we don't plan our lives, life will plan it for you! 

 So plan your life, ask God to reveal your talents and your gifts, plan how you're going to use them, and go for it with all your might! Don't ever sit idle, don't ever just live day-by-day, being a Mom and just following your tasks, alone.

You are more...

You are meant to live fully with your strengths; your talents! You don't want to be that Mother who raised her children, only to find out when she has an "empty nest" that her purpose has gone. 


Be everything God created you to be and stretch yourself and use all of yourself, today!

During this amazing 10-day series, we are going to go through parts of my Planner Perfect, planner. Why it's such an amazing planner for women and how my personal planner works for me...and how it can work for you. Not only that, but how you were made to write your own story. How you were meant to map out how you want to live and live it! 

And I'm going to show you how. 

I think you are going to find that you can actually be invigorated each day by your own plans! 

Find out how you can manage your home and be organized.

Be the Mom, wife, and friend you want to be.

Find out how you can can create menu plans, make meals from scratch and take feeding your family to a whole new level.

Find out how you can actually find the time to follow your personal dreams.

And much, much more!

By the end of the series, you will be transformed and will know how you can create the life you want...

I'm happy you're here!

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