How to Fall in Love with Homemaking

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Falling in Love with Homemaking

This is a very important topic to discuss. I think as women we need to nurture ourselves in all that we do and that includes our homemaking. 

I know for a lot of women, taking care of the home and getting dinner on the table are treated as tasks that just need to be done and have lists and lists created to keep it all corralled. 

I would like to inspire you to fall in love with homemaking and to get a fresh idea on how to look at the tasks in your life.

Being a homemaker is a high calling; one that deserves our time and thought just like anything else. 

We are in a place of power if you really stop and think about it. When we embrace motherhood and our homemaking we are nurturing to our families and ourselves. But if we treat homemaking as a chore and chore alone, we are doing a disservice to our family and us. 

Change your mindset; you will change lives.

I don't mean to sound so dramatic but it's true. We need to give homemaking the integrity it deserves. And becoming a life planner and taking the time to plan your life will raise your quality of life, including your homemaking, and will create traditions and foster memories. 

It's time to take your job back as homemaker and take the job seriously! You deserve it! And so does your family.

So how do you fall in love with homemaking when all it seems like is a multitude of chores that seem to never get done?

Start by nurturing yourself. 

When you nurture yourself you nurture your family.

Buy a new apron, buy fresh whole foods and make a dinner from scratch. Don't under estimate how therapeutic cutting carrots can be! Do your laundry with intent and plan the day you are going to do it and bake some bread and simmer some soup on the stove in-between loads. Your house becomes a home when you give your job integrity. The aromas will create memories for your children and that they will always remember. 

Laundry isn't just laundry to be done when treated as an act of love for your family. Nurture yourself first by making your laundry room pretty and functional and check out my laundry tip, here.

Plan to start a baking day in your week. Your family will love you and you will be organized with your menu planning. 

Plan a routine for you and your family to follow to keep the home tidy. Your action plan will keep you organized and shares the work load. Nurture yourself and buy new cleaning supplies. New feather dusters, fresh rags, and non-toxic cleaners can put a new lease on life when tackling the deep cleaning.

Buy candles and light them daily. They make a home, homey and it nurtures us moms. The smell lifts your spirit almost instantly! 

Put these plans for ramping up your homemaking right in your Planner Perfect planner and you will be living on purpose, scripting statements of intent, and falling in love with your homemaking!

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