The Right Tools to Create the Life You Want

The right tools are so important when becoming a life planner. You need just the right pen or pens, sticky notes in various sizes, highlighter, seasonal stickers, and the right space to keep your planner.

I love using colored thin marker pens that won't bleed. These are just Paper Mate pens and I just love them! I color code my family and love the pop of color on my calendar, monthly and daily pages! 

The Planner Perfect calendars are custom made, beautifully designed, and perfect for planning your life!

Isn't the pop of color pretty? You are organized. You are ready and planned. You are color coordinated.

Highlighters are perfect for written statements that need your attention. I love highlighters almost to obsession.

marking the names and their color on the side keeps me organized

Sticky notes are perfect for keeping me organized in my planner. I have various sizes, from little square stacked, to lined stickies for lists. I use them for notes of course that I want to have jump out at me as well as to list items I need to get at the store. When I know I'm running a small errand on a certain day, I stick one on the day and add to it as the day arrives. I simply peel off and take with me to the store when the errand day arrives. 

keep your daily pages full of not only things to do, but integrate your goals for your dreams

Your smart phone is a great tool to harness appointments and dates while out. Just transfer them to your planner when you get home. I also use my phone a lot to remind me of all my brainstorming while out-and-about so I can transfer it to my goal pages when home. 

Your phone is a great compliment to your Planner Perfect planner.

You need a space to call your own. Whether its one like the image below or you use a spot on your dining room table. You need to call it yours. Lay out your planner, gather all your favorite pens and encase them in your favorite mug, display fresh flowers, and make your space your own. 

My home office is underway! For years I've used my dining room table and it has suited me well. It's my time for an upgrade and I couldn't be more excited. Handmade custom desk, bookshelves and more! Images of how I organize my home office down to all my favorite tools and supplies, coming soon! 

There you have it. Some of my favorite tools to aid in creating the life you want! Stay tuned this week as I will unveil my personal planner and how it, indeed, creates a woman of intent, a woman on top of her game, and a woman accomplishing goals; living a life she's mapped out and created.

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