How to Tap into Your Inner Wisdom and Ignite Creativity

Using the right side of your brain is vital when becoming a life planner. In order to grow in our lives, be all we can be, contribute to this world, and live a good story, we need to tap into our inner wisdom and ignite our creativity.

Many women are not living to their full potential. 

The first exercise is to quit following pre-scripted formulas and task-prompting planners to be organized. You lose excitement, you lose your vision and your creativity. That is why women don't stay organized. When you don't live by your own vision, you fizzle out and lose your excitement. You need to tap into your inner wisdom; ignite your creativity.

Get out of your old habits. To ignite creativity you need to always try something new. Stretching yourself and coming out of your comfort zone. If you always read fiction; read non-fiction for a change. Try something you've never done before like learning to knit, bake and cook from scratch, start jogging, or writing a book. Get invigorated by all the possibilities!

Script your life. The Planner Perfect planner is not only set-up to tap into your inner wisdom and ignite creativity, but harness it all. 

"The world is but a canvas to the imagination." 
~Henry David Thoreau

When you dream about your life; your goals, this visualization has a powerful effect on the subconscious. You are tapping into your inner wisdom and igniting your creativity! 

Plan your life and visualize how you want it to be and then release your plans to God. He will light your path as you set goals and live out your vision.

Inspire yourself; doing so ignites creativity and motivation. Put your favorite flowers near where you plan, only use your favorite pens, stack some of your favorite inspirational book reads near by, and light a candle. These small implements can get you in the mood for dreaming about your life.

Begin writing down all you want, need, and ideas you have for your life. To exercise your mind try writing down up to fifty different things you visualize for yourself. Then begin to problem solve how your going to fix, change, create, and obtain your goals. 

"The only real limitations to your potential are self-imposed ones"
~Daniel Pink

I hope that this gets you invigorated to begin tapping into your inner wisdom and creativity!

Your friend,

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