Baby Eight On the Way

I've been so sick lately and haven't been posting much. 

Baby Penton number eight is on its way and all-day sickness while still raising a house full is not easy, as I am sure a lot of you, can or have in the past, relate to. 

 Another bonus for Jenny, is that when I carry boys (we have 4 of them) I have excessive saliva, the kind where your mouth is like a waterfall and spitting becomes your new bad habit. If I have any complaints about pregnancy, it's the spitting. My last boy had me spitting all the way through labor!

And so it looks like I'm carrying another boy! 

If any of you have had this in pregnancy and have a cure...tell me please!

I am excited for the upcoming year...2013! 

So much to plan for, so many more life goals to reach and want to inspire you to do the same.

This New Years, do not just write out on a slip of paper your New Year's resolutions; script big dreams; dreams that are bigger than you, the kind of dreams that only God can help you achieve! 

Script your personal and family goals, and plan and pray for God to stretch you. Pray for God to complicate your life and shake you up to get ready for an amazing year. Allow God to do big things in your life this year and learn to depend on Him completely. 

Self-reliance has been the biggest and hardest things for me to release to God and I am posting my biggest miracle from God soon and how He showed me how to not only pray, but pray through. So stay tuned.

Depend on God for all of your plans. Circle these new big dreams and plans in prayer and make 2013 the year when you allow God to grant you favor, bless you, and give your God-given plans from the heart, life.

Oh this is going to be a wonderful year friends! There will more giveaways, more inspiration to become mamas that are organized with life goals, more family meals made from scratch over at my Planner Perfect Meals blog, baby talk, homeschooling, unschooling, and much, much, more! 

Here's to a New Year, friends! 2013, here we come!

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