How to Entertain for Christmas like a Pro

I love entertaining and especially for the holidays. This gives me the chance to dress-up, decorate my home and love-up on all my friends and family, spoiling them with amazing food, drinks, and desserts.

But before you tell me that you could never do that, let me reassure you that you most certainly can! And if you've never hosted a party because of your fears of falling short, it's all more the reason to host one. 

I want to inspire you to get rid of those, host and entertaining, fears, to do something out of your comfort zone, and go for it this Christmas. Once you get one under your belt, you'll already be planning your next get-together!

Here is the key to hosting a Christmas party:


If you know me, you're not surprised. 

Planning is the key to all of life's mini successes and big successes. I want you to look at planning as your friend; a way of life. 

But, oh this is going to be fun! 

So get out those planners and start dreaming about how you want your party to look and feel. If you are a Planner Perfect woman, you will be writing the details of your Christmas party in your December Goal, pages. If you aren't yet, what are you waiting for? Check out all the details of this ultimate planner to keep you organized all year long.

Here are some Planner Perfect tips for hosting and entertaining this Christmas:

The invites
Who are you inviting? Whether small and intimate or huge to accommodate everyone you know, write out your guest list. Next is planning how you'll invite them. Wether through mail, Facebook event, or calls, plan how you'll invite your guests. Give yourself at least a week out...any less and it will be stressful on you:)

What kind of party are you throwing.
When thinking of your party, be sure you know it's kind. Dressy or casual, cookie swap or dinner party, maybe just appetizers and champagne. Kids invited? Just be sure you let your guests know what kind of holiday party you are throwing. 

Your Decor
Keep it simple. Your home is already decorated for the holidays so for hosting a party, all you'll need are some cute accents for your table you probably already have in your home to really make it festive. No matter what level of party you're having, simple added decor can be candles, ornaments in vases, red accents such as your linens, can really make a huge difference in creating a festive party. Check out my Pinterest Christmas board for inspiration.

According to your party's theme, your food will be made accordingly. Whether cookie swap, Christmas tea with just girlfriends, appetizers and champagne on a Saturday afternoon, or a formal dinner, plan accordingly. This is where your planning makes for a stress-free party. If your planning a cookie swap (maybe your first annual) have a baking day planned days before your party and bake up several amazing cookies for your party, then freeze and have ready to put out on party day. Same goes for anything your serving. If your having a Christmas tea with girlfriends, with soup and rolls, par-bake up your rolls ahead of time and freeze. Pull out and simply brown before your friends arrive while your soup is simmering on the stove. You get the idea? Planning makes perfect! 
Be sure to check out Planner Perfect Meals for cookie ideas, entertaining foods and amazing soups, breads, rolls, and bellini recipes for your party!

Your dress
What will you wear? Need something new? Treat yourself. On a budget? No problem, accessorize! A beautiful ring, necklace, or new scarf, earrings, or sweater to go over your dress can make your outfit perfect!

Home cleaning
Take each day leading up to your party to clean a different section of your home for a stress-free party. On party day, you're all deep cleaned and ready to go! Think of entertaining this way, it keeps you're home clean. 

All of your planning written in your planner will ensure it's success. Simply pull from all your dreaming for your holiday party and write them in your daily pages on what you can do each day leading to your party to ensure your party's success. On party day all you'll have all little details.

You will be the talk of the year with your Christmas party and all it took was some planning. You now have the tools to entertain like a pro. Martha Stewart step aside, there's a new girl in town! 

This post is part of a 25 Days of Christmas Ultimate Blog hop with iHomeschool Network!

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Planner Perfect's, Ultimate guide to Christmas hosting and entertaining will be on the 13th of December! You might want to double-circle that date in bright red in your planners:)

Oh, this is going to be fun! 

Mark your calendars for November 23rd, I know I am! I'm looking forward to being inspired for Christmas and I know you will, too!

Happy Christmas planning, friends,

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