The Ultimate Planner to Organize Your Life

The Planner Perfect planners are on sale!!!
If you want to get more organized this year, dream bigger dreams and own a planner that is inspiring...

Look no further.

The Planner Perfect planner is the ultimate planner that not only keeps a woman organized, but was completely designed for a woman to follow her dreams and goals rather than her tasks alone. 

Let me further explain.

There is a reason why women are always looking for next best planner; something that will finally organize them. The reason is that all planners on the market are set-up for women to organize their tasks.

This is not only boring, but mundane, lifeless, and uninspiring. God made us for more. 

You were made for more! 

Don't live life just following your tasks in life and spend all your time finding the perfect planner to harness all your endless list of things to do. 

It will do nothing but disappoint. That's why we can't seem to stay organized and it will always be a New Year's resolution to try and be organized. 

The Planner Perfect planner is the only planner you'll ever need, prompts you to set monthly goals, and then, this is the fun part, you sprinkle all of your life goals into your daily pages to execute. This is what keeps you inspired; keeps you reaching for more!

When is the last time you set a personal goal that is bigger than you? So big that you need God's help? God wants you to create big goals, dream the dreams He presses on you to live out, and then God wants you to depend on Him with all of your new plans.

This is exciting! It's dreams and goals that get you excited to wake-up each morning; not your endless task sheet. The best part is that if you are only focusing on all your tasks that can engulf you as a mother, you are not living at your full potential. 

The Planner Perfect planner keeps your motherhood organized, AND gives you room to live out your personal goals. 

For the upcoming new year, I am offering my Planner Perfect planners for $5 off for a limited time. Get your planner for the new year, now, and be organized for life! You will receive a pdf download of my eBook, Planner Perfect. A Fresh Idea On Organizing Your Life, with each purchase. This eBook, will inspire, take you step-by-step on how to use your new planner, and will show you how to be organized in your home to how to set goals and dream bigger dreams. 

The Planner Perfect planner is your New Year's resolution headquarters. This planner harnesses your life, perfectly. You'll never need any other planner again.

Check out details on the large Planner Perfect planner, the Planner Perfect to GO! and the Planner Perfect planner for Girls, ages 8-12. Our girls need to learn at an early age to dream big, set goals and circle them in prayer. It is set-up for them just like ours. My daughter works in her planner right next to me and is dreamy to do together. My eBook for girls in pdf download comes with purchase.

The Planner Perfect for Girls

Planner Perfect for Girls inspires them to dream big

Purchase the Planners on this post for the discount...hurry, offer only lasts until January 5th, 2013. 

Here's to, A Fresh Idea On Organizing Your Life!

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