A Well Organize Home

I love when my home is organized. Everything is in its own space, items can be located quickly, and it's clean and neat. 

And one important thing about me and the way I define an organized home is that I feel it does not come with obsessive labeling, color coordinated closets, and my pantry lined up with plastic containers, labeled, to hold all my new-bought groceries. 

When it comes to my home and being organized is that I don't let it consume me. And being a mom, and a mom of many of all ages, presents a challenge when it comes to a "neat freak" look to my home: 

Kids won't keep it that way and I will end up having heart failure. 

I have a hard enough time keeping my teenage sons' coats off the floor, let alone make sure they put it back in the color coordinated spot I made for it.

But the good news is: you don't have to be a neat freak to have a beautiful organized home! 

My biggest tip for an organized home is to simplify. 

Get rid of all the kitchen gadgets you don't need or use, get rid of, or store, clothes and coats that family members don't wear, clear out clutter and purge. 

Then clean the space and put the items in their place. 

I love baskets to harness items to keep my space pretty and organized. 

I love containers to keep my drawer and cabinet space organized.

I love white because it just signifies clean: clean bath towels, kitchen towels, drawer liners, bed sheets and the like. It also isn't a fad or trend. White is timeless...

My linen closet. I love white towels, they can be bleached if need be and they just look "clean"
Plus, you can always accessorize with different fun colors because it will always go with your white staples. Such as all white bedding and throw pillows in fun colors, you get the idea.

My bedroom. My pillows match my wall color. I can also change those out when my mood changes without a  lot of expense.

The Planner Perfect planner aligns itself perfectly with this kind of living: 




More organizing tips I use and images of my home coming this week. Have a wonderful time being organized, without stress.

What are your clean and organizing tips? Leave a comment and share.

                          *Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication*
                                                 Leonardo da Vinci

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