Organizing Your Laundry Room

Honestly, I hated my laundry room until just last week. That's sounds so funny writing that but it's true! 

We have finally purchased a new washer and dryer and I have been doing the happy dance ever since. I used to have the front loaders and let me tell you, I hated them! I was on my knees doing laundry and it always smelled of mold and that in and of itself is enough to hate your laundry room. That and the fact I used to keep my cat's litter box in there too! So, I cleaned out all my cupboards, I put my cat's litter box in the lower level in an area that is unfinished (perfect!), and made my cupboards more efficient for doing my laundry.

Oh how I love my new washer and dryer! It's bigger, it smells like a clean and 
fresh laundry room and it's pretty! But you certainly don't need a new washer to love your laundry room. Here are some other things I did that make it a nice room to be in:

My husband bought this for me at Menards and it works beautifully to harness my broom, dustpan, and ironing board. Keeping things tidy and off the floor is a must, especially in such a small laundry room as mine.

My husband made this for me, it's simple just using plywood to the dimensions we chose and painting and gluing trim to frame it. The cork board are just squares glued. It's beautiful, It's our main message system.

Inside my cupboard is all that I need to do my laundry. I buy my laundry detergent at Sams. It is large and lays on its side for me to easily pour into a cup and put into my machine. A basket harnesses laundry items not used as often and makes it prettier to look at.

Baskets make everything prettier...

A money jar in my cupboard harness all that loose change that falls out of pockets while doing laundry.

Share you laundry tips! 

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