Think Small

When it comes to the new year and all of the things we want to do and accomplish it be overwhelming; such as when we are getting our house back to normal after Christmas, deep cleaning the home, or have endless tasks that we must finally get to. It's hard even knowing where to start! 

And what's the cure to being overwhelmed? Sitting down and not doing it at all is my mode of operation.

Well, when it comes to being overwhelmed with large projects, the key is to think small. Break it down in your Planner Perfect planner in your goal section and knock those big projects down to size. They are much more manageable when you break them down within your week or two to get it accomplished. Even if you're under time restraints and need to get a huge project done, now, writing it down with how you're going to tackle it is key. 

For example: feed the kids breakfast, clean-up, tackle a piece of my project, and so on. Be detailed in your day and how you're going to get it done. This is just good psyche therapy. Matter-a-fact, when it comes to my big projects, I won't even begin until I get in my planner and break it down to tangible pieces. 

So when it comes to your big projects and things that present themselves with overwhelming stress, think small, and cut those big projects down to manageable pieces in your planners.

Here's to accomplishing big projects in 2013!

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