The Importance of Creating Mealtime Traditions

My Italian family has been making spaghetti and meatballs every Sunday for as long as I can remember and then some. I remember my grandma Marino busy over her stovetop wearing her usual moo moo dress, making up a big brew of this Sicilian sauce. I also remember the size of her meatballs; they were huge!

They were like the size of the palm of your hand, huge. 

My mom, too, made and still does make, spaghetti and palm-sized meatballs every Sunday. The aroma ridiculous, the taste insane. A loaf of Rotella's Italian bread always sat on the counter for countless dipping trips while the brew simmered all day until dinner. 

But it wasn't just the spaghetti sauce and its delicious meatballs I remember. I remember the process, the anticipation for dinner, and even what my mom would wear while making this traditional meal. 

I remember her hair, jet black and curly, would be loosely gathered at the nape of her neck.  Her apron was folded over and then tied on at the waist. She would have her onions, garlic, her meats for the sauce and meatballs out and ready as well as a host of other special ingredients. 

My brother, sister and I have learned how to make this spaghetti sauce to pass on to our own families and my family absolutely loves and looks forward to it every week.

Food and mealtime create such tradition and memories. The process, the love you spend with your hands in dough, the simmering of a spaghetti sauce, soup or stew, the taste testing, the helping hands, and the mealtime...

It's the making of food, prepared by our hands, that family traditions are made of and vital to creating such wonderful memories for our children.

While my family's spaghetti sauce and meatball recipe are sworn to secrecy I do have an amazing breadstick recipe that you must try! 

Get your hands in some dough, simmer a sauce, stock or stew, bake some bread from scratch and enjoy your kitchen. Your family will remember it for a lifetime... 

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