Unschooling Ireland

Make learning about different countries fun by creating a theme 

Study your country of choice, create meals and different crafts native to that country, and make learning fun.

Next Stop...Ireland!

I grew up with a full-blooded Italian mother. So as you could imagine, we never celebrated Saint Patrick's day. I'd come home once from third grade, red, from pinch marks all over body, an outfit without one speck of green on it, and I'd come home to a St. Patrick's day dinner consisting of spaghetti and meatballs.

When I'd ask my mom why she didn't tell me about St. Patrick's Day and particularly the wearing of green, she simply stated, "Honey, we're Italian; not Irish."

Clearly, taking note to wear green on this particular day was going to always be in my own hands.

Funny how I never celebrated it with my children, either until I realized what a perfect invitation this day was to explore this country with our children and make it a theme for the day!

 We Made Treasure Boxes

We created fun boxes of treasure for the leprechauns to hide their treasure.  They decorated them with stickers and markers. I found little plastic containers in the dollar isle at Target and filled them with little treasures from a local party store.

A Treasure Hunt

I went to the bank and cashed out $10 for $1 gold coin pieces. These were perfect for the kids to find with clues to find their hidden treasures! With eight clues...they all had a blast seeking their gold coins and unraveling clues.

3 of my 7 who loved this treasure hunt...Bella, John and Brock.

We read about Saint Patrick and how it all originated, too. Click the link to find out more of what we studied. 
We also spent the day at the library reading books on Ireland and piling on the books to take home. And then paid my $13 dollar late fee before I left. Nice.
It was quite wonderful to understand the history and more about the country, fees aside.

Pancakes in honor of St.Patrick's day, of course!

We of course had some green pancakes, but instead of all of the pancakes being green, which I thought was too unappetizing, made just a few green ones and free-formed a small shamrock and placed it on top of their pancake stack!

Check out PPM for my delicious, pancake recipe to die for. 

Shepherd's pie for dinner, baby

Shepherd's pie, a beautiful salad and cupcakes to end the evening was a fun way to celebrate our Saint Patrick's day. 

Check out Planner Perfect Meals  
for all these recipes and so much more!

Have a wonderful time learning about Saint Patrick's day!
Slán cairde maithe

Translation: Good bye friends!

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