What I'm Reading

My newest book read is, The Light Between Oceans. 

And let me tell you, it's good! It's ignore your family for a couple of hours good. 

Oh, I pay the price when I finally finish the book and take my jammied, puffy-eyed  self from crying to access the damage. But so worth it!

First let me tell you that M.L Stedman is a beautiful writer. Here is the perfect review I found off Amazon:

The setting of the novel is a remote island off the coast of Australia with a population of two - husband and wife Tom and Isabel Sherbourne, who care for the lighthouse. Despite the isolation, newlyweds Tom and Isabel love each other and have an idealistic vision of their future, filled, inevitably, with a house full of children running around. When that dream is tragically shattered over and over again, in a place where they have no one but each other, it's not hard to imagine and even sympathize with Isabel's state of mind as she decides to keep the apparent miracle sent to them. At the same time, Tom's by-the-books sense of duty is equally as justifiable, as is his ultimate choice to stand by his wife. I grew so attached to Tom and Isabel that I could feel myself rooting for them to keep their secret forever and be happy with Lucy, though that's perhaps not the morally correct thing to do, and inevitably, it's not their fate.

Tom and Isabel believe, or perhaps try to convince themselves, that because the baby's father died at sea, her mother must have too. Indeed, this outcome would have been the only way for everyone involved to get everything they want, so of course it's not the case. I found it more difficult to connect to Hannah, the baby's birth mother, perhaps because she had been introduced much later than Tom and Isabel and she, too, makes choices that are seemingly incomprehensible. And if you think the only choice revolves around what to do with baby Lucy, you are in for huge surprises and twists, like I was, as things get impossibly messier when that secret begins to unravel.

It's must read, friends. I got mine from the library, but can be found through Amazon, or at your local bookstore.

I'll keep you posted on all the great book reads I find; fiction and non-fiction. Believe it or not, I get the reading bug when spring hits. I love reading outside with coffee, at the beach during the summer, and at a coffee house or bagel shop with my kiddos and their fun book reads.

Have fun with this book and let me know your review in the comments below. This book is too good to not discuss!

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