How to Bottle Your Good Days

When I have those good mama days, I just want to bottle it. They are so wonderful, so amazing, I want to repeat it. Desperately. So why not learn from these good days? Take notes, find out what we're doing right and repeat that? I found the love of this idea from my favorite site, Core Parenting, and I like what the author said: instead of trying to figure out how to make better our plethora of bad days, why not take notes on the good? 

I like it. 

Being our own guide on what's best for our own family takes conscious effort and who best on knowing what's best for own children and family than us mamas? 

I know for me, when I am my most patient, in my best mood, my most loving, my most attentive (in other my best), is when I feel my best. Ya know what I mean? I've had a full nights rest, I'm dressed for the day at a decent hour, I'm utilizing my talents, my routine is flowing so the house is in good working order, and *ahem* my scripted plans for my life are flowing like a beautiful, flowing stream. These, are the makings for a wonderful day. I also take note of what works for my children so that we avoid unnecessary meltdowns, such as: slower mornings and planned, somewhat structured days; a wonderful day in the making!

Now I realize that having a wonderful day everyday is not an easy task, there are just so many variables when raising children. But, there is a way to make most days wonderful days and that is to take care of you! To make sure we are living consciously: regularly replenishing ourselves before it's too late, getting enough rest, having our quiet time with God, daily, to dream, to plan, to be the authors of our own lives, and to use our talents on an everyday basis. The rest of the formula for good days are going to be unique to you and your family. This, my friends, is a wonderful formula for bottling the good days. 

So when the bad days do strike, which they will, ditch the plans and rest with your babes, taking it extra slow. Joy comes in the morning again and God gives us a whole new day to live life to the fullest. 

You are an amazing mom, allow flexibility in your days, take care of yourself, see joy in the everyday, and understand that you are the best person for this job! Even when you're in a bad mood...

See, you can bottle the good days!

How do you set yourself up for good days? How do you handle the bad?

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