how to find the time to plan

Finding the time in our busy schedules to actually plan our lives is something worth discussing. And especially if you're new to life planning. Life planning is taking the time to map out your life, your dreams, you and your family's goals; creating your life story. 

This kind of life requires your time to think about your life, and what you want to do, what God has instilled in you to do, and how to get there. It a goal oriented life. 

If you're tired of being like a hamster in a wheel only chasing endless tasks all day you need to establish a new habit.
And take it slow with baby steps. If you aren't used to this method of planning do not just dive-in. Take tiny steps each day until you're there, such as:

*Buying yourself some new, fabulous pens to plan one day and that's it. 

*Maybe the next day write one personal goal in your goal pages you'd like to accomplish.

*Take 5 minutes the next day to script out one of your future mornings in your week, in detail. 

What is important is that each day (do not skip) to do one life planning skill that takes you a step closer to becoming a full-blown life planner. 

Take it even further each week, thinking more about your life, scripting more in your goal pages in present and future months, and writing your life in detail each day in your daily pages. Do this for a full 30 days for life planning to become second nature. 

You will find the time to plan without thought because it is a new habit with rewards!

Life planning is new to a lot of women. We get so caught-up with day-to-day chasing tasks we often end-up exhausted, wanting to know if there is more to life. Alongside our motherhood we can actually follow our personal dreams and goals. It is exhilarating! We are not defined as only mothers; we have talents, dreams and goals and we can do both with balance, greatness, and when God-breathed, complete joy. But all good dreams and goals need a plan. Without them, there isn't an aim; a target!

We don't want to miss all the opportunities and greatness that a well thought-out life can provide. Baby steps; adding more each day, until you've got life planning mastered, and has become a HABIT.

Life planner extraordinaire here you come!

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