one of the biggest lessons I learned as a young mother

I remember being that young mom in my early twenties with only a couple little ones under toe. I stayed at home, I baked, I cooked, I went to bible study, homeschooled, and had, 3-days a week, playdates with my best friend who had kids the same age. It was fun and hard at the same time and just the beginning of my mommy journey and I was loving it.

But I also remember the time when I felt something was missing. I remember calling my mom trying to figure out what that could possibly be. I was surrounded by motherhood bliss, what else could I possibly need? My mom thought I needed to get out, to take more breaks from my babies so I could replenish. Yes, it was nice to get-out once and awhile to refuel, but that wasn't my hearts need. 

God led me to what my heart needed and you know what that was?

To dream again. 

To pick up my paintbrush and charcoal pencils I had put away in exchange for diapers, to seek and find all my God-given talents and to use them for me, to use them to share with my family, my children, God's glory, and the world!

God revealed this need to me in a dream one night and it woke me up suddenly. I was startled, renewed, excited, motivated! I remember waking up my husband telling him what God told me I needed to do and he was my biggest supporter and fan. The idea of being a wife and mother and being Jenny, gave me such excitement!

God told me I didn't need to neglect me in order to be a good wife and mother. 

He had marvelous plans for me! And being and using all of me, made me a better mother and a better wife. It also taught my children to always seek and use what God has given them to do too. Once I picked up art pencils and paintbrush again, my children with interest picked them up and some of them are big-time artists and spend hours mastering their love! Watching me gave them curiosity, gave them motivation to try something new; they began to pursue things they loved and it was such a blessing to be the one to help them pursue it. 

Being continually conscious of the fact that we as mothers need to be all we can be for our children is important, as our children are always watching us and learn from us. 

This is how my love for cooking, baking, blogging, writing, speaking, unschooling, Planner Perfect Meals, and Planner Perfect came to unfold for me. It began by listening to my heart and by hearing what God pressed on to me to do. He wants you to do the same, mamas. 

It is never too late to explore your God-given talents and strengths. Seek them, find them, and use them! And if you're a young mama just starting out, don't delay! Being a mother using her strengths and talents and using them for her joy and to share with the world is what God wants for you. Enjoy it!

Have you ever felt this way in your motherhood? Maybe instead of feeling something was missing it came in the guise of feeling unmotivated and a lack of excitement to greet each day. Please share...

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