large family dynamics

Baby number eight is on his way early July and I am nesting to say the least! This is where my planner is laid out, full of my goals and scripted plans for the upcoming month. I am one focused and obsessed mama in particular right now, making sure all my ducks are in a row before the big day.

Such as the meals I want to have prepared and frozen before I take off for the hospital; this will ensure easy and delicious dinners for us when we get home without all the work. All of his clothes washed and folded and waiting for him, bassinet and car seat ready, his and I bag packed, I also have some major cleaning I want done before he arrives, too. My planner harnesses all that I want to accomplish and my my action plan to make it happen. So far, so good!

While large bellied and waddling while out-and-about, strangers will always ask when I'm due. A belly that looks stretched, extended and ready to pop usually mandates such a question. But my favorite is when they ask what number this baby will be. I always have to pick-up their jaws off the floor. I'd have to admit, saying that it's my eighth baby sounds crazy when it comes out of my mouth; I can hardly believe it myself. People either say I'm incredibly blessed or insanely crazy. I know I'm blessed.

But I'm here to divulge a great misunderstanding about having a large family. Are you ready?

It's easier the more you have. Way easier than having a couple or even a few kids. Really. It is. And I'll tell you why...

You have a ton of help. 
This is something I did not have when my older ones were small. It was all on me and I remember how hard it was! Now, I have several teens that drive, running kids if I need it, I have built-in babysitters, older ones change younger ones' diapers and I could go on and on. 

I have more time to myself than you might think.
The kids play together, sometimes leaving me alone for hours each day. It's quite nice. When you have a couple small kids, they tend to look to you all the time for entertainment, not so with a lot of babes. They tend to look at each other for their fun and this is fun to watch and frees up slots of time for me to do other things that need to be done and some time to work on my goals each day.

You learn to let things go. 
You aren't as stressed about everything anymore, and you learn to just let things go. You really can't be uptight and have a large family. So what if they have their shoes on the wrong feet; if you're on schedule, you're good! 

On the fence on whether you should have more kids? My advice...the more the merrier!

Agree or disagree? Do you have a large family? If so, do you think it's easier the more you have?


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