How to Create New Year's Goals That Stick

Every year we make new year resolutions that do not stick. We excitedly get our goals down on paper, but tend to always lose steam within a month or two. 

What's the answer? 

I believe one reason is how we write our goals. If we only write them down without a map; a plan, we will fail. We also need to remember to not be too willy-nilly with these goals. These goals need to be handled with care. This is your life, you have some pondering to do! 

Planner Perfect's 7-Step method is the perfect guide. Each step is designed to make you think about each aspect of your life and teaches you how and what to script as new goals once you discover yourself, fully, so you can actually improve your life! You will learn to plan better and become more. Let's get started...

I've gone over the first two steps in the 7-Step Method in videos. They were: Calendar Girl and Switch Your Focus. Today, I'm going to go right into the next one, Know Thy Talents. Every step of this Method is important because you need to know yourself fully before you can plan better. You don't want to make plans that are not cohesive with your overall life plan. 

So this year for your New Year's goals, you are going to dig a little deeper. What are your talents? Have you discovered them yet? Knowing your God-given talents is vital in becoming more, following your dreams and going after what you've been designed to do! Discovering my kids' talents is something I am always on the look-out for. By them understanding their talents as they first develop, the more I can give them the right tools and focus to send them in the right direction to what they were designed to do. You'll know your direction, when you know your talents. And if you think God skipped you when He handed out talents, you're wrong. If you don't know what you're good at, start with things you like to do and have fun getting to know yourself! Dig deep, unbury all the years of busyness that kept you from your true calling and get busy discovering, YOU! 

Not everything you're talented in is what you'll pursue as your calling. God might have sprinkled you with quite a few things your good at. Some are for our enjoyment and fulfillment and some will be used for your calling. Pray for God to show you and reveal to you your talents, purpose, and which one to strongly pursue and use, then get excited for things to come! Yes, you can be more than your children's mother. Don't misunderstand your identity. It is important to be our children's mother, fulfilling our role with all of our hearts and devotion and part of being a good mother is understanding our own personal calling and purpose outside our motherhood. It is very invigorating and exciting to be a mama and fulfill our destiny right alongside! I am a mama of eight homeschooled children and am able to pursue my calling because I understand where I am going and know how to plan, and you can too. It wasn't always like this for me and that's a whole other post I'll share soon.

So you're assignment for the day is to dig deep. If you already know your talents, good. Now you need to pray over them and be dreaming of what and how you can utilize them for your purpose. If you don't think you were born with any, you will need to dig deeper. Start by asking those hard questions on who you are. Not the woman everyone wants you to be, or who you try to be, who are you? By asking these hard questions, you'll start to peel apart like an onion and reveal your core. God has equipped you with everything you'll need to be to fulfill your dreams and purpose. Start writing these things you didn't know about yourself on some paper. If you already own the Planner Perfect planner then you have the right tool right in front of you to get started. If you don't, you can check out my planners here and here. Write these new thoughts in the January Goal section of your planner with the header: Know Thy Talents and do some digging and dreaming. 

Stay tuned as you learn to peel yourself this week to discover who you are, so we can learn to plan better and become more...

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