Why You Should Plan Your Weekends

Do you ever treat the weekend differently than your week, stop all planning and let the proverbial chips fall where they may? I have found that if you don't plan your weekend just as you do your week, you are missing out all you can accomplish personally and as a family. If you need to super-charge your weekends, this post is for you.

My experience in wasted weekends are plentiful, because there is something about my husband being home that makes me completely, unmotivated. You know what I mean? I just relax, don't move much, like I'm on a strike or something. I'll hang out with my jammies on till noon, comb through Facebook over and over, check out any new likes on my Instagram, Google myself to death and ignore kids crying and fighting as if they were invisible. 

Was it worth it? Uh, hardly! 

The real, self loathing comes in when the big demands from everyone start kicking into overdrive: my kids demanding meals and snacks, they're all wondering where their clothes are to get dressed, I'm still not dressed, and the house looks like it went through a tornado with the aftermath of a sea of toy guns, games and dolls, I need to crawl through to find my shower! 

Planner Perfect friends, it's time to take back our weekends and maximize our time!

No plan equals wasted time.

Plan your weekend, and have fun. Sure, we all need to stay in our jammies till noon and watch movies once and awhile, but making it a weekend habit, not such a good thing. We only have so much time and how we use it is of vital importance for us purpose-driven, people. We need a plan! This is when we can dive into our God-given talents, take time to reflect, grow, educate ourselves, and hit the town!

I need my week's rhythm to break. My week is chalked full of caring for my babies, schooling, cleaning, baking, errands and all of the, mom stuff, that us moms do. It's my job. I own it. I love it; our plans should reflect this gear switch, because as far as my weekends are concerned, I don't want to do what I did all week. I'm ready to shake it up! I don't want to scrub toilets. Again. I want to plan museum trips, ice cream socials, watch my kids' sports, or grab a bite to eat. And diving into self discovery for me is my favorite. I plan and utilize part of my weekends diving into my passions. 

So get to mapping out your weekends and maximize your time in your planners. Your jammies will appreciate the break...

What will you plan for this weekend? 

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