motherhood planning and what you need to know

I am going to tell you something you've probably not heard before. 

You're planning all wrong. 

There are a lot of planners out there and we all, including myself at one point, try to find just the right one, get bored, find more, print more, and yet, seem to be unfulfilled in our purchase; and still unorganized.

It's because the way you are planning is only subconsciously, stressing you out. Most women only stress importance on organizing their to-dos, not their life as a whole. Most women only organize and try to harness, in a pretty fashion, their tasks and endless kids activities, not live off their scripted mission statement and goals for their lives and family. 

We were meant for more, ladies. YOU were meant for more than merely being an expert at organizing your to-do list. In motherhood, we have the awesome responsibility to become managers of the home and raising our children. This is something we can't afford to take lightly and simply reduce our CEO status to task and activity, expert. I want to inspire you and encourage you to change the way you look at planning your life and reclaim your motherhood role. 

Here are some basic, Planner Perfect 101, planning tips that are part of my 7-step Method that I've created to break down life planning in simple steps. I've compiled these so you can get the most out of your planning life. 

Don't live by just your calendar. This is the number one rule of thumb when beginning your transition from task slave to life planner. Enjoy the freedom that relinquishing that full calendar brings. Stop finding fulfillment in filling up your calendar and trying to stay excited about all the things you set yourself up for. It's not exciting. It's mostly meaningless busyness. I want you to fill your calendar with only activities and things that are in align with your goals, your purpose, and your mission statement. 

Find or create a planner that is set-up to create goals for each month. I have created the Planner Perfect, planner, a unique planner that is set-up this way to maximize your planning experience. This planner is for life planners only! You'll love this way of planning. It keeps you focused on your rightful role as CEO of your family and a woman who is living a life of purpose. 

Motherhood is serious business. Do not leave your life and your children's life up to chance. Pray, plan and become a visionary for your life and your family's.

Write your mission statement. This is important. In the Planner Perfect planner, bundle, I have a printable sheet designated for you to create a mission statement. You should have a mission statement for yourself and one for your family. Having a mission statement keeps you held accountable while planning; it must align with your written mission statement. I have a great post HERE that will get you all inspired about how-to, why, and the details and importance of writing a mission statement. 

Organization is something that will come and flow naturally when embarking on this life planning journey and my planner is set-up to harness all your organizing goals. Each month should have, month-specific, goals and organizational goals. Some goals should include: wardrobe needs and deep cleaning in your spring and fall months, summer plans in your summer month's goal section, and I have all the details on how to set goals, why and where in my eBook. Be sure to check it out and get started right away on your new life.

Write a better story. Writing your life's story is the heart of life planning. You are looking at your life long-term and then writing short-term goals to reach them. I am in love with Donald Miller's writings, blog, and Donald Miller books. He talks about writing your life down as though you were telling a story. He humorously writes in his book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I Learned While Editing My Life, when he was being interviewed about his life for a possible movie from his book, he found his life was rather boring, nothing big to write about. From this perspective, he inspires his readers through this entertaining and thought-provoking personal story, to begin writing a better story. A life God has intended for you. I know you'll love this delightful book as much as I did. It sits on my book shelf as ones to visit often like a dear friend. I also have some good reads on the topic of writing your own story in your life planners, HERE and HERE on my blog.

These planning 101 tips should definitely get your juices flowing so you can begin planning better and gaining control of your life again. To get the full details on becoming a life planner, be sure to read my eBook, chalked full on how to live a better story, becoming organized, reclaiming your motherhood, and living a life of purpose. 

I'm so happy you stopped by my blog and hope I've inspired you to plan better to become more

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