To-Do List Printable Just in Time for the Holidays!

I'm real excited for my new printables available now over at my Etsy shop, and my To-do list is one of them. If you have been to my blog even more than once, I think you all know how I feel about tasks. They needn't take-up your whole life. They have their place and they need to stay there. This To-do sheet that you can print again and again, will keep you organized in your planner and keep those tasks in their place. Perfect for the Planner Perfect planners...

This sheet is perfect to tuck into your planner right after the day you've got a slew of errands in your Daily Pages. Just jot down all you've got to do, tear out and go, keeping other daily planning still in its place in your planner! It's also perfect for home days when you've got to tackle all tasks and nothing else. Just push through and use this beautiful sheet to keep you inspired and feeling organized. Check off as you complete the task and you're set!!

This is also very handy to use with the Christmas, printable planning sheets to write down all you need to execute on a shopping day and tear it out and go...see image above. Print and keep alongside your Christmas lists. 

Have fun and Merry Christmas! 

Get on over to my Etsy shop and get yourself Planner Perfect's new To-Do list printable, available now!!

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