Wardrobe Planning Pages Available Now on Etsy

You are going to looooove these printable wardrobe sheets, gals! I've always done my family's wardrobe inventory every spring and fall and have done just fine with just my loose-leaf paper, filling it in myself. But now...now it's inspiring and beautiful! 

I've designed this after my own efforts of years and years of organizing a gazillion (I love this word) kids' clothes and by George, I think I've done it!! One page has room for 3 kiddos, so print as many as needed...in my case, quite a few. Ha! I made room to asses what's needed for undergarments, special occasions, tops, bottoms, shoes, budgets and size! This handy necessity, fits perfectly in your Planner Perfect planner in your spring and fall, goal pages. Check off as you grab the items needed and viola! Organized children's closets with no high-water pants hiding for them to pull-out and wear on Christmas day. YES!! 

This great addition is wonderful for any planner and is available now at my Etsy shop!! I hope you love it as much as I do...Happy Organizing in 2015, friends!

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