how to plan your week

I am in love with Mondays. Call me weird, but for me it represents a fresh start to my week and all its potential and promise. 

What shall we do? How can I do things better? What does God have in store for me? What new meals will we eat this week? How can I be a better mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend? What personal goals should I focus on? What "new" can I inspire my kids to learn? And here's the big one: what do I need to let go in my life so I can be free from bitterness and unforgiveness and have both my hands free to catch what God has for me?! 

The possibilities are absolutely endless! 

Life should not be all about your to-dos, but rather all the promise the day and week can behold! So, today I'm going to dive into how I plan my week, and this coming Sunday, I will give you a more in-depth look on my YT channel, so stay tuned for that! I begin planning the details of my week on Sundays. When I start my week, I get out my Weekly Menu printable sheet and tuck it into my planner in the beginning of my week and this is my hardcopy that stays in my planner. My grocery list is written next to it with all the ingredients I'll need based off of my meals I've written down. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and what I'll be baking on my baking day. This list I just tear and go with on Monday which is my designated grocery day for the week. I also do a Sams/Costco trip once a month to feed and stock our large brood, more on that another day. 

I write out my days of the week with the date on each loose-leaf page front and back at the top. Right now I'm using Arc's paper that has great prompts for your day. I got the paper, HERE. I am in loooove with using loose-leaf. I could never function any. other. way. The freedom to mess-up, tear-out, add-on and add-to is a MUST for me and my planning. I always, always, write starting with what my plan is when I first wake up to the time I go to bed. In the middle is all the good stuff: the details! From any bullet point to-do's I want to accomplish, to the goals that I've written in my goal section for the month that I want to pull over to execute and accomplish, the household chores needed to be done to manage the home, to the learnings we will set out to do throughout the day and any errands or appointments needed to be done in the week. And least any of us forget, I write what I'm going to do when the baby takes his nap!!! Yes! Can I get an amen on that one!!

I am in love with these journal cards pictured below that I picked up through Project Life from Micheals. They are inspirational and serve as little note or bullet point keepers. 

On days that are very busy full of to-dos, I rely on my TO-DO printable from my Etsy shop. It's beautiful as it is functional. There is even boxes to check off as they are accomplished. Heck yes! Good feeling to know those are done! I tuck this sheet next to the day that is particularly heavy in things I need to get done. It's a life savor. If I have a an errand to run on a particular day, I'll have a small sheet tucked in that I can write on and tear out when time to go. Easy peasy. Hello loose leaf!! I am in love with you! The paper is the canvas of which to be as creative and awesome with your life as you wish to be!

I continue throughout my whole week getting as detailed as I can, writing down what I want each day to look like and how I want it to run and what time-frame I want it to run. Planning my menu, my grocery day, field trips, baking day, homeschooling trips, books we want to read, and what I want our evenings to look like to the time we go to bed. 

Clean home before bed, anyone? If you don't plan it, believe me, it won't happen! 

Get yourself some of these journal cards, pictured above, they are a lot of fun to inspire you in your planner, as well as some fun pens, stamps, paper clips that are fun, and whatever can help you beautify your pages. It's truly a lot of fun. 

One planner does it all. No need to write different ideas, projects and plans in different planners. The Planner Perfect's method is set-up to do everything with plenty of room for me to write down my life into days, weeks and months with its details all in this planner. 

So there you have it! A look into my week and how I plan for it. Look for next post on my monthly goal, workshop. Don't miss!

Now get to your planning!!

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