monthly goal planning and what you need to know

You know what has been a game changer for me in my planning life? 

My planner's monthly goal section. 

It's a spot that is month specific, has as little or as much paper as I need to write, and gives me the dumping spot for all things that are running around in my head that I need to do, love to do, and things I long and hope for. It's goals gone wild. it's actual space to write details, because you see, goals without its details are not as effective. You need an action plan to go along with those goals. Here, let me explain:

In my planner after every calendar month, there is room to script your goals, month specific, which is amazing in itself because it breaks down those goals you have for the whole year into tangible pieces. So, let's say I have a want for some new curtains in my family room and I just write it down within a long list of goals for the year. I can guarantee a goal without its detail will get lost in the shuffle because it doesn't have a place to be executed. It's just there...waiting without any intent attached to it; just good intention. Oh, that's tweetable! Our goals, whether materialistic and the, shooting for the stars, kind of conquest, needs to be attached to intent. And how do you do that? It's easy and I'm going to show you how: 

Create a list of all your goals for your current month. Go ahead, do it now. I'll wait. 

Did you forget anything? Include such things as any birthday parties you are responsible for, such as your children or maybe your Great Aunt Betty. Some other ideas to note are any decorating needs you'd like to obtain for the house or yard that month, your personal goals for that month in specific, your dreams!!!!! Remodeling wanting done, any reorganizing needed, the list could literally go on and on and on and on... you get the idea. Now dive into your Goal section of your Planner Perfect planner and write your first goal down and begin writing down underneath your goal title all the details of that goal. So, if you wanted curtains for one of the rooms in your home, what color did you want? What are the dimensions needed? What pattern, if any, and where to buy? You have just dumped the specifics of that goal down on paper and it feels pretty good, doesn't it? Obtaining that goal is in the bag, pun intended! When we write goals and dreams down with their details on how, when, what, why, and where, you are scripting a statement of intent. You've taken all the guess work and questions and how-to's, answered them, and, they await your execution! Achieving your goals gets done in your Daily Pages. Lets continue...

Now continue through all your goals, leaving extra room for any extra ideas for your goals that, you know, that come to you in the middle of the night. What I love about this method that I created in the planner is its ability to be forgiving. First off, you can add and take away loose-leaf at your leisure which is a must, and gives you that dumping spot that all women desperately need in order to be an effective life planner! Goals should be what your every day life is made up of. Life Planners don't live of off endless tasks that only take-away from us, we are fed by our goals! Our goals is what keeps up motivated and becoming more! We needed this in your planners!! Yes?

Think of another goal you'd like to add to your month? Sweet! Open up that planner that harnesses everything for you, add more paper, write it down with its details. Continue making lists for each month and writing in as far ahead in your calendar year that you can muster. Again, writing down the goal with all of its details for execution beneath it as humanly possible. Then, throw away those lists! You don't need those anymore. List taking has no permanent place in the Life Planners, world.

You are officially in the know. You now hold the key to becoming a successful Life Planner: scripting goals and dreams, with its detail! But I take it a step further giving room and an allotment for specific goals for the month, written with care, thought, love and detail. It's all there, safe, in your beautiful planner. It's going to be faithful to you, keeping you accountable for when you dive into your day-to-day, planning. You can now adhere and pull from those goals and sprinkle them into your days and in your weeks to implement. No need to try and remember what you have to do to accomplish it, that has already been done. Now to execute! 

I'm so proud of you! This planner and its method I hope you'll hold dearly. You'll stroke your planner and find it to be sacred, now. It has for you all your dreams, goals, and plans all in one place. 

I hope this post helps you achieve your goals and dreams, girls. You. Are. Worth. It.

What do you think of the Planner Perfect method? Any questions or something you'd like to share? Simply ask below...have a wonderful time planning your life!

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