my filofax set-up

Ok. I am nuts for using beautiful planners and travelers notebooks as accessories to my Planner Perfect planner. They compliment it so beautifully. 

I have a Filofax planner that I adore. Leather, small personal, planner that functions as a planner and wallet. Well, you know how I feel about writing my life in small to-go planners, right...? And if you're new here, just look around at all the posts and you'll know the why's and what I use. But this planner with the help of Etsy, I have created a errand keeper and wallet all in one place! I. Am. In. Love. And I'm not kidding. I'm thrilled with it! Well, here... Here's my newest video on my set-up and why I love it so much. Below is also the links to where you can get your hands on all I've shown you, so you can have yet another excuse to buy another planner. You're welcome. And I love you...

Filofax I'm using: personal size Malden 

Dashboard and dividers: Minted Sugar on Etsy 

Loose-leaf paper Frasizzle Made

Planner Perfect Menu Planner Etsy

Macaroon charm

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