life hacks for your planning life

It's everywhere. 

Planners that provide space to write your day as big as a small triangle. I'm always so amazed at how women survive!!  I've tried countless times to be trendy with those beautiful day-timer like,  planners but cannot make it function in a way that aids me in not only being organized in the home, but even get one thing done that truly mattered. Not to mention doing something for me, such as reaching my personal goals. 

Raising a family, taking care of me and pursuing my dreams and goals must come with a plan, and plans need space, and details or they've just been reduced to tasks to be done. I believe that is what separates a task from a plan; detail

When you get detailed, you start dreaming and applying thought into what you are doing. Let's face it, motherhood could be mundane if you allowed it. Choosing to put some thought and details into your day can make a huge difference in the lives of stay-at-home moms; you'll be elevating your motherhood experience! 


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