creating the life you love

Did you know that creating the life you love begins with how you plan? If you are in the habit of living off of lists and to-dos, then I want to inspire you to plan another way. 

I encourage you to plan your life as though you're writing your life's story; almost like you're writing a book about you. You don't want to have it read like a list of all the things you've got to get done. If you were to look back at your planning now, would it read of the laundry, floors, errands, taxi driving and grocery trips you need to do? 

What if you first, day dreamed about how you want your life to look for the whole month and in your planner write it all out the way you dreamed it to be? Your daily life planning would then reflect how you saw your month as a whole. 

Do you see what I mean? 

If you put some thought and love into yourself and how you want your life to look, feel, and be for the whole month with its details and action steps, your daily life will be lovely! You will have days filled to the brim with your dreams, your goals, your talents, and you'll be living your life's story... a story you'll want to live! Yes, you'll still have to-dos, but they'll be connected to intent and intertwined in your story. This is where your to-dos belong, not as your only focus. If you only focus on the tasks of life and pretty up your planner to make you feel better about them, you're planning wrong. You need to live your life through the life you scripted that includes your talents, your dreams and your vision or you'll never truly be content; you'll always feel as though your missing something.

This is planning with intent and purpose. It's taking note to use the talents God gave you, it's praying and dreaming about your life, it's putting thought into how you want to live, it's dreaming about how you want to raise your children, to be a better wife, mother and friend. No use having beautiful planning pages if what is on the page is full of just the mundane that hasn't much thought behind it. 

This blog is dedicated to encourage you to plan beyond your to-do list. Welcome to Planner Perfect

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