My Top Book Reads for 2016

I am in love with reading. I make it a point to read each day and to finish a book a week. I actually plan it, if I don't, odds are I won't read because, well, I have a million other things I could do! 

I have really been into educating myself on everything to help me grow, become all I can be and reading books that can help me learn and grow spiritually. I make time to read and if I have 8 kids and can bang out a book a week, you can too. I always read at night when my babies are in bed, but I also use every opportunity I can, such as when I sit to nurse, when I have to sit in the car waiting for someone, or even in the bathroom, I find the time. 

I also usually find that I can pull something out of a book. Even if the book is not that great, there is always at least one thing I try and take away from it.

Here are my favorites for 2016. I have not read these all yet, these are books that are screaming at me to read--I will be doing book reviews on all these books so if you'd like to hear my thoughts, be sure to follow me on youtube and periscope to be in the loop. You can find me on youtube at jenny penton and periscope at planner perfect.

Here are my top reads for 2016:

Inspire! The art of persuasive leadership--Patrick King
Find-Follow-Fulfill God's Will--Andrew Wommack
Simple Reminders--Bryant McGill
Image Yourself. Create a New Self Image and Live an Abundant Life--Marilyn Holzmann
Money Making Mom--Crystal Paine
Don't Limit God--Andrew Wommack
The Crossroads of Should and Must. Find and follow Your Passion--Ellie Luna
How to Develop Your Personal Mission Statement--Stephen Covey
Big Magic. Creative Living Beyond Fear--Elizabeth Gilbert
The 8th Habit--Stephen Covey
The Gabriel Method--Jon Gabriel
Live Your Calling--Kevin and Kay Marie Brennfleck
Make it Happen--Lara Casey
Emotional Intelligence--Daniel Goleman
The As If Principle--Richard Wiseman
The School Of Greatness--Lewis Howes
The Obstacle is the Way--Ryan Holiday
Disrupt You--Jay Samit
The ABC's of Success--Bob Proctor
Rewire. Change Your Brain--Richard O'Conner Ph.d
The War of Art--Steven Pressfield

Have fun reading girls! Book reviews coming soon and may not be in this order...

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