The Planner Perfect Method. Why it Keeps You Focused on What Matters.

The Planner Perfect Method. 

It's a method that I've created to allow women to live a life built off their goals and the story they want to live. This method was birthed by my mother and brought to life by me and it will not only keep your focus on what matters, but keeps you organized, creative, and prompts you to become a visionary for your own life. My mom used to sit in her favorite chair when I growing up and planned in an ordinary spiral-bound notebook. She had her planner set-up with goals and her dreams and loved to sit and write for long periods of time just dreaming about how she wanted to live. She did not want to live a life of chance, but a life of purpose, and she set to work planning out that kind of life. I remember specifically after each holiday, my mom would sit in her chair with her planner and script out all she wanted to do better for the next holiday. What decor she felt she needed to pick-up, how she wanted her table setting to change, how she might want to implement a spiritual element or bake a different cake. She was a visionary and her life inspired me. I have made this planner to preserve her idea and make it something all women can use with ease. It's life planner that isn't just a planner to harness life's to-dos, but life's dreams, goals and vision. It keeps you focused on what matters.

I want to challenge you to take a look at how you're planning now. Is it filled with just your to-dos? Has decorating your planner become your focus? If you answered yes, I want to teach you how to plan a life that is actually exciting, fulfilling and actually takes YOU somewhere instead of the other way around. You are more than your to-do list! If you don't catch and understand this now, you risk becoming a mom that begins to feel restless and searching for something more. This in turn will make you feel guilty because after all, motherhood is the highest calling there is. But, if you're not careful and you just pour yourself into your motherhood for years and years while subconsciously not understanding the importance of finding your identity outside of motherhood, you'll be lost; restless. If not now, you soon will be. God intended for you to know your purpose outside being your children's mother. This doesn't mean you have to go to work outside the home to fulfill your calling. On the contrary. You can know your purpose, your calling and use your talents and it will fit into your mothering, beautifully. Actually, this takes your motherhood to a whole new level of greatness. You'll be excited that there is even more to you than you even thought and you can use it while home and use it for your family's good, too. Your children and husband get to see a woman and mom with talents and learn from you, perhaps even sharing the same love. You are an influence--be sure to be a woman that knows who God made her to be so you can be equipped to show them that they, too, have a purpose and talents and God has a plan for them too. What a better way to show your children God's plan for each of us by seeing it manifested in YOU!

The Planner Perfect Method and set-up is simple, yet will change your life.  Each month in your planner is sectioned off with your month's calendar, month's goal section and then there is your day-to-day planning. This is how each of your 12 months are set-up and will enable you to plan month specific goals and give you practice each month to be a visionary for your life! For more on how I use my method and plan books, check out my youtube channel where I show you the set-up. After a huge love affair with the ring binder, I now have a love for the Travelers Notebook using my plan books that I've created that implements my method, perfectly. My youtube channel shows you how to use them, be sure to check it out. But don't be dismayed if your a ring-bound, girl. I have a video for you too. Ring-bound planning is part of my humble beginnings, it has a special place in my heart.

If you do not know your identity outside of your motherhood, this needs to be your first objective. By seeking and unearthing your calling, you'll find your planner taking on a whole new level of promise for you, holding you accountable and pushing you toward personal growth. It keeps you focused on what truly matters. Your vision for your life...

Stay-tuned for the next post in the series. So glad you stopped by, we've got a lot to cover.

xx jenny

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