Overwhelmed? I Know How to Fix it.

I truly can be the queen of overwhelmed. Eight kids can do that to you--but quite honestly, so can just  one. Heck, you can be overwhelmed without any kids! But my perspective comes from what I know and understand and that is being overwhelmed, with a ton of kids and a ton of things I COULD be doing and not knowing where, why, or how to start.

I've got a little word for you that I've applied that isn't fancy, new, or ground breaking: FOCUS. Yeah, it's a word we're all familiar with, but before you leave, give me a chance. This word is so dead-on. Without applying this little word we're all familiar with, we're like chickens with our heads cut off: frustrated, unorganized and masters at accomplishing--nothing. When I started focusing, I flourished; I thrived, I completed things! Once I started to really focus on the things I needed to get done and focused on that one task until completion, I would gain momentum. So much so, that I felt that there was nothing I couldn't accomplish.

I've coined a phrase so it's easy to remember: Stop, focus, complete, repeat. See? Easy peasy. So what I would do when the overwhelm would kick-in, I would stop, jot down what I needed to do in order of importance, and would focus on the top thing on my list and wouldn't budge until it was completely done. I'd then move on to the next thing on my list and finish it to completion and repeat. I would do this until I could finally get to the point where I could crinkle that to-do list into a ball in my fists and have the dog fetch it and chew it up. I love nothing more than getting to the point where that stuff isn't hanging over my head. Now, I could do the things I wanted to do.

So if you find yourself overwhelmed with much to-do and the mere thought of tackling it all makes you shut-down--try this: Stop, focus, complete, repeat. Yeah, you've got this! We've all got this!

Do you get overwhelmed? Do you think this will help you, too? Leave a comment and let's discuss...

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