Project Me

Project ME. 

I'm eager to announce that I have declared a proposition for moms everywhere! To start a project. I know, we don't have time for more projects, but fear not, this project will spark your interest and is of vital importance. 

It's all about YOU! 

It's project ME time. We are going to take the time to love, nurture and care for ourselves. We are going to devote some time to identify who we are outside of the roles we play, find our talents (that have been buried under all the diapers and dirty dishes), and proclaim that we can be our children's mother and know who we are outside of that role! We can do and be both--woman and mother. Think of all the possibilities once you understand this simple yet, highly overlooked, insight!

We are in the "serve and nurture" business and that takes a lot of time and a lot of energy. So much so that it seems only logical to put us on the back burner. For instance--this can be my normal: I'm up all night nursing, pull myself out of bed early in the morning to find "me time" only for it to get interrupted, then it's off to the races! Kids need to eat, shower, help to go pee, there's a fight to referee, lunch to make, boys to split-up after some wrestling has gone awry, laundry to do, clean-up, and then before you know it, it's time for dinner. After dinner doesn't slow down, either...there is cleaning up to do, baths to be had and children to unwind. This happens every. single. day. 7 days a week, 365 days a year. I'm sure all you moms can relate? 

I would never trade all the hard work in the world and I have eight homeschooled kids. Hard work for what and whom you love, takes sacrifice and time, and I'm in with both feet, fully present, and take it seriously. Having said that, it is just as important to take care of ourselves. I know for me,  I love guiding my children toward their natural gifts and talents. Understanding their uniqueness help them go toward their dreams; to do what they are called to do.

But what about me? 

I would think about that often and this question all the time "Is it fair that I'm always just behind the scenes?" I love pushing my babies into their dreams--but I felt a tug to care about and use all of me too. I even dealt with mom guilt for even thinking those thoughts..."If I take care of me, will I have time for them?"

 Mom guilt. It's total self-sabatoge. 

There even was a time where I was jealous of my oldest son, Taylor. A born artist with talent that rivals the best-of-the-best. I was oh-so proud of him, yet, I was jealous of him. Jealous of his, time...  I knew then, it was time to begin loving myself, taking care of "me" and nurture the talents I've been given, too. 

So--I started to paint again (my son's a chip off the ol' block!) while my kids hang out and the baby naps. I read more, whenever I sit down or have an extra moment, I educate myself on all my interests, I wash my face at night and use pure ingredients. I implemented eating raw foods and I started a business using my talents. I started clearing out clutter, simplifying my beauty routine, checking in with my subconscious and see what lurked in there. (You'll be surprised!) I lastly got rid of anything and everything in my life that didn't move me or my family toward our goals. 

Moms, take the time for you. Begin a project--#PROJECT ME. So instead of waiting until all the baby birds have left the nest and you hit a identity crisis at age 50 (much later in my case)or worse, a bad medical diagnoses from lack of self-care, let's do it now-- in the midst of motherhood. I declare we know who we are, and take the time to take care of ME.

Here's to us!


Follow me on scope, youtube and all other platforms as we dissect what this can look like and hashtag #projectme on Instagram and tag me. Would love to see how you plan to take care of YOU!

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