write a better story

We're busy--us moms; a little too busy.

Moms sacrifice, we hustle, we wipe tears, we wipe our own tears, we love, we bake cookies, we go on no sleep, we carpool, we take kids to school or choose to educate them at home, we deal with temper tantrums, we make dinner, give baths, kiss, read stories and we do it all again the next day... and the next. We barely have time to eat and shower let alone plan for a life other than what we're entrenched in. I know, I have eight kids. We live a story that's kind of been just, happening. A story we didn't write, but rather, was written for us. Where did the time go?  We plan to keep our lives handed to us in some kind of order but feel always in the rears; peddling fast in life just to keep up. We love our children, we love being their mother--so any feeling of discontent gives us the bitter after taste of guilt and selfishness that we try to shove under the rug, but in the quiet of moments, we still feel it. We feel-- restless. We keep going-- giving, serving; surviving.

What if I told you that it all starts with the simple act to write a better story? This simple act does something amazing. It makes you think. Think about where you're going, where you're headed, what you want to pursue and what you want to leave behind. Get out a blank piece of paper and stare at it. What do you see?

You should see possibility!

Do not be afraid to change things up and move things around to create the life you and your family need in order to truly LIVE! I'm going to tell you a secret: enrolling your kids in a billion different activities does nothing for them, you, or your family life. You now can focus on the kind of life you want to live and then set out to map out that kind of life. You can script a life you envision! Stop reacting to life and instead, make your life happen.

This method of planning prompts you to create a life that you were designed to live. Life is short. Write a better story.

xx jenny

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